SureSolutions is a division of Deki Electronics Ltd, one of the largest component manufacturers in India. An equal opportunities employer, Deki nurtures talent solely on the basis of relevant merits and abilities without regard to race, caste, religion, sex, age or disability.

At Deki, we believe in investing in employees and providing them a congenial and productive work environment. We focus on employee empowerment through training and development, and employee engagement. Deki’s employee-friendly practices and policies, two-way communications and transparent work culture motivate our team to translate challenges into opportunities and weakness into strengths.

At SureSolutions, we always promote a culture of fun and the social aspect of work-life balance to create an efficient and productive work environment. We have various employees run committees that organise programmes and events. Starting with the daily prayer – quite unlike what you would normally expect – to cultural evenings, sports activities, celebrating special occasions like good deed day and going on to 5S culture, preventive health workshops and checkups.

SureSolutions operates in the challenging business of retail solutions and has grown consistently. If you are up to it, expect a challenging work connect with ample growth opportunities and competitive rewards at SureSolutions. It is not about what we offer but what you make of what we offer.

Career opportunities at SureSolutions are varied in nature. To be a part of SureSolutions you can mail your resumé to If we do not have a suitable opening right now, we will keep you on our files because you never know when an opportunity may arise.