Tailgate detection at access control points The problem with most access control systems is that you cannot control the number of people entering secure premises.

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Count better, know more. SureCount®, the retail footfall counting system from Deki is a based smart solution that provides you with anywhere, anytime access. Web

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High-tech engineering and excellent deactivation performance and RFID readiness. Lose less, earn more. SureCheck® Electronic Anti-theft Systems are based on a contactless technology that provides

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Electronic shelf labels that look smart and act smart. Electronic shelf label system is a display system that replaces traditional paper labels on the shelf.

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For a larger than life visual impact SureVision® offers ultra HD display solutions that bring visual excitement to indoor and outdoor environments. These rugged displays

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SUREASSIST WIRELESS CALL BUTTON SOLUTION FOR TRIAL ROOM Each store attendant would be provided with an app that would run on their Android phones. Through

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