Electronic shelf labels that look smart and act smart.

Electronic shelf label system is a display system that replaces traditional paper labels on the shelf. It allows you to get rid of manually changing price tags and realize price consistency between the cash register and the shelf price.

Paper labels Electronic shelf labels
Time-consuming, inefficient. Timely price updates, flexible and accurate.
Short life More than the 5-year shelf life
Manual replacement error rate up to 6% 0% error rate
Label loss rate of 2% 0% loss, environmentally better
Incorrect or untimely replacement causes pricing inconsistency with back-end database Seamless connection with POS system
Time-consuming label replacement Computer operated instant replacement store-wide, region-wise.
High labor cost for replacement Zero cost, instant replacement in bulk

Switch to SureDisplay® electronic shelf labeling system for automated price labeling in sync with your store operations. Cut down wastage and connect seamlessly with your POS system for timely and accurate updates with a revolutionary e-ink based solution.
The SureDisplay® electronic shelf labeling system gives you:

  • A click-and-change-all concept in pricing displays
  • Revolutionary wi-fi enabled shelf labels
  • Spot-sale possibilities
  • Lowest power consumption (more than 5 years life)
  • One-time deployment
  • Variety of sizes

The SureDisplay® advantage:


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